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Open time and The audience know
1. Free open Monday Closed date
2. Open time:
9:00——17:00(The noon as usual open)
3. The admission free beard know:
Audience have to aware of self obey this building of each item regulation system, obey origin building staff member conductor, have a preface visit, haven't yet admit can not get into not visit district;
Speak civilization, speak hygiene, don't spit everywhere, not disorderly throw a fruit hull miscellaneous articles or objects, not and loudly clamor, keep exhibition hall to sweep, peaceful, strictly forbid in the exhibition hall smoke cigarette;
Good care public finance and the whole exhibit articles and facilities, can not touch, Tu2 Wu, depict, good care the building area be green to turn;
Haven't yet to admit, prohibit to photograph, shoot to be like in the exhibition hall;
Mental illness', drink to excess a , headgear not whole(wear vest, bare to the waist and wear a slippers) decline visit;
Strictly forbid easy Ran, easy explode, easy dirty, easy decay etc. the product take into the building inside, big religion the baggage lift pack, child trolley's etc. please deposit in consultation set;
Strictly forbid to take a pet to go into building.

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