Weiyuan city wall
           The Wei far city is located on to recruit treasure mountain Dian.The clear Jia celebrate for 39 years(1560), all Du Lu Tang, sea way the pair make Tan2 Lun2 in order to defend Wo, plea in total make beard Zong Xian4, build city in recruit treasure mountain, the Lu Tang Du armed forces and people build to set up fortress with a stone and call "Wei far".The city present rectangular, the surroundings be 200 Zhangs, 2.2 Zhangs in height, thick one Zhang, establish parapet 160, open up east, west 2.41 years of Jia Jing(1562), the sea way pair make Liu should Ji, know a county set up Shu house more than 40s in the Wei farly the city more, place 2500 kilograms a heavy iron hair Gong cannon 4, adjust a soldier to defend.Empress increase to build the Jing sea camp fortress at the mountain Dian southwest again.Pure Kangxi four year(1665), halt navy in Zhejiang of town sea total the soldier often enter achievement, for further strengthen coastal defense, Wei far city week long expand to 250 Zhangs.Again at original city 2.2 Zhangs in height of foundation top add 3 Chinese foots in height, and increment city wall thickness.Pure Tao Kuang 12 year(1832), know the county Guo Chun chapter while rebuild the Wei far city, at door the sum be last to engrave "Wei far city" three words.Inside door two sides engrave allied Yue:"Sea not the Yang wave be historic settle, the ground has no love treasure a mountain recruit" is a clear hour Juan.Allied medium the Qian have "settle sea(now town sea)" and"recruit treasure mountain".1841 the British army invade town sea, Wei far city damage severity, Tao Kuang 25 year(1845) cruise of the director Zhe east rehabilitation measures a deer Ze be long etc. to collect property to carry on big fix.In the modern age the anti- shot the imperialism invade the conflict, Wei far the city be exertive over the huge function.The period of the Opium War, Manchu Dynasty government troops lead here at the anti- shot England invade.Medium method war period, halt the Huai soldier of town sea all get, the write-in lift Du Yang2 Qi2 Zhen to garrison far city at the Wei conductor the pure soldier fight.In the thereafter of the war against Japan, also once exertive over-weight want a function.1983, sea county people's government in the town once the appropriation carry on big fix.Existing Wei far the city flat surface present rectangular, week long 502 meter, the wall isn't 7.4 meters in height etc., top build parapet 73, southwest arched door Zong allied cent knot be juxtaposed to carve to build, city wall for the stone be wrong to sew Lei to carve.The north carry a city wall, city gate to need a repair.
       The flexible treasure palace in the Wei far city start to set up in clear 36 years of Jia Jing(1557), empress several ruin several fix.

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