Moon city wall
          Be located on to recruit treasure summit of hill north side of two Fengs hand over boundary, is medium method war historic relic.Clear out a clue for nine years(1883), when sun benefit in Europe see sea coastal defense in the tour town, see recruit the treasure mountain Jin sea tangle river, again have Wei far the city"lofty summit of hill" be "seaport lock spoon".But he again suspicion Wei far the city set up too Gao, the Wei of foothill far the fort set up too Lou, think once occurrence urgent, the summit of hill foothill can't render assistance mutually and recruit treasure mountain perhaps hard and long guard, hence conceive to increase city of set up the month 1 in the halfway up a hill, since is foothill Wei far fort empress should, again make mountain Dian Wei far city of front hold.Through three month effort, the month city finish construction.The city is long more than 70 Zhangses, 1.2 Zhangs in height, the breadth be 9 Chinese foots and the apposition cannon hole be four bores.The city in month is positive above, the Lei have "sea Yu 乂 Anne" four words, "乂 " and"righteousness" together sound, make to stabilize solution, since"the sea Jiang be peaceful".The sun benefit of Qian Europe inside the city gate see Zhuan 《increase to build to recruit treasure mountain city stone tablet to record for month 》, it be 0.76 meters in height, the breadth be 0.86 meters, thick 0.06 meters, formal script, record to say to set up city process.The month city experience medium the cannon fire of method, Sino-Japanese War baptize, still keep intact, existing month city long about 60 meters, 3.8 meters in height, deep 3.4 meter, arched door hemicycle, city wall the stone be wrong to sew Lei to carve.

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