Houhai city pond
   Located in the northern part of the county, from the East Jin-shan, to the West Yufanjiaxie booths with a total length of 4800 meters. Tang Ning stem four years (897 years), when they built mud, Song Chun Xi 16 (1189) to build single-sided Shitang. 20 Wu Ming-hong (1387) extension to build Acropolis will be 1300 meters into the eastern section of the city of Tong-in-one, the tide is blocked, and Royal invasion of the enemy at sea. City Tong Jian Wang Hailou had a police Shop 12, shot 25. City of the existing pond 8 meters high and 14 meters Dikuan with Article stone masonry joints set. Tong City home on the city have Beiting, the first year of Wanli Ming (1573), Tingzhong "Dinghai County built by the city in tablets," Zhang Bingbushangshu for the block when the author, described the whole city.

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