MingQing Dynasty Monument
          Bei Lang at the Ming and Qing Dynasties Zhaobaoshan Weiyuan the city. Stone Tablets to the existing 9, depending on the old city, most of that original handwriting member of Qing government, of which 4 to the Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty to 5. There Tianqi 2002 (1622) imperial viceroy all SU Mao Yushi with the title "Haitian Yan Qing," the monument; Tianqi five years (in 1625) the town of Zhejiang He Binchen captaincy general title of "Banbi up days," the monument; Tianqi 2007 (1627) imperial guard Zhejiang Taibao left questions captaincy general Guoqin "Ao tower column," Monument; 14 Chong (1641) of the total town Liangzhe Taizaishaobao Du Hong domain title of "opening-day picture," the monument; Qing Junji nine years (in 1625) to introduce legislation to "repair Zhaobaoshan Bao Tuo Temple," the monument; Qing dynasty 15 years (in 1835) of Ningbo and Shaoxing Road Zhou Taiwan question, "Haitian town-hung," the monument; Qing dynasty 19 years (1839 Years) County Xiu Chen Ding wrote, Shuda "Zhaobaoshan Bao Tuo Temple Continuation tablets"; 10-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1884) admirals in Zhejiang province’s military affairs Lee Ou-yang see the title "Four Seas Yongqing," Monument; Guangxu 15 (1889) to introduce legislation to "protect Bao Le Shi Tuo Temple tablets." Ouyang see profits from the book and author, described the 11-year Guangxu (1885) Sino-French War Battle of the situation in the town of Haikou, an important research value.
       Zhaobaoshan Bei Lang has been on more than 40 tablets of various parties, such as Chung-ming MI million book "View of the sea parade Zhaobaoshan Fu", "Chi Zhaobaoshan" written, no in-kind deposit.

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