Hongyuan Fort
    Is located in the town of Haikou, south of the northern slope of the mountain facing the sea. Sino-French War Battle of Zhenhai, the Qing government to strengthen the coastal town of Haikou building, taking into account the Kasayama the town of Haikou is the first line of defense, spent a total of 7.5 million taels of silver in the 13-year Guangxu (1887), from Taiwan, Ningbo and Shaoxing Road Xue Cheng Fu-creation, Du Guanying Duzao. Fort Hongyuan to a great basis for Qingshi, lime, Wong, gravel, and other mixed-stack build from, the research work, the enormous scale. 1888 has been home at the time of-the-art 24 cm diameter of the Krupp steel gun breech 2, 21 cm diameter of the Krupp steel breech a gun, built-in circular tracks, 360-degree rotation. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, to build two steel and concrete fort. Was built in the ancient fort in 1887, Wong existing concrete rubble as a reminder of the Canqiang. During anti-Japanese built in the Fort concrete, is a surviving.

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