A place of viceroy to resist enemy
    Haikou is located in the town of Jinjishan the south bank of Britain, 101.4 meters above sea level, there is Fort Peak Uehara home. 10-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1884) Zhejiang admirals Ouyang Duzao see Lee, oval-shaped rocks masonry wall, Ying Zhai for Extension, Lookout article stone masonry, and built barracks in the north-west of Taiwan more than 10 years, and trench digging Communication between the "natural" and "natural" Fort. Zhenhai in the law to defend the anti-war, pro-see Lee Ou-yang supervise operations in the mountains. Lookout hill of the existing 5.4 m high, 4.7 meters at the bottom of the 4.8 m *, into a pagoda-shaped; Ouyang pro-see Lee’s book "enemies of Islam Governor’s Office division," the monument, 4 meters high, 1.31 meters wide. Still in the mountains 15 years Guangxu (1889) by Li warned villagers monument side, reflecting the inscription on the mountain fortifications of the building, and warned the villagers not to damage the defense have been completed.

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