Qijia mountain camp fort
    Haikou is located in the town of the south bank of the southwest ridge of sand crabs. Qing Emperor Guangxu 2007 (1881) of the total town of Yang Chun Shuaijun and private construction, flat oval-shaped building with stones, the perimeter of around 600 meters high 1 to 2 meters thick walls 2 to 2.5 meters. Sino-French War, the admirals Zhejiang Ouyang see Lee led the officers and men stationed there. Qi Jia Shan would like to name seven Jiashan, Kangwo said to have camped here’s Qi Shan, Qi Kang Wo people to commemorate the achievements of the "seven Jiashan" changed its name to "Qi Jia Shan."

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