Former Residence of Wujie
    Wu Jie, Anhui (shè) County. Army General Tso young to vote. 2004 Guangxu (1878) Zhenhai Zhaobaoshan Weiyuan Fort built in Zhenhai Wu Jie, the first Fort garrison, led the fort town of Haikou. In the town of Haikou anti-war to defend the law, Wu Jie blow to law-ship fire. Wu Jie Wu Jie as the former residence of Zhenhai in the office during the construction, is located in Zhenhai Chengguan road victory of the people and the road intersection, at about the two houses, each with its own doors to Taiwan, the ante-chamber, after the Office and the rooms around. Miankuo lobby of the 5, 9 deep into the purlin (lǐn), before and after Lang Zi, the house floor Chong Yan; before and after the Office for the living room, Miankuo 3, 7, deep into the purlin, set up after the former Pinnacle Gallery. Zhong Yan is also the house floor, all the hard top, to preserve a more complete.

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