The Monument to the Wujie's meritorious
    Located Yin Zi mountain to the west. October 1936 Wu Jie 100th anniversary of the birth, and Zhenhai of Ningbo in the vicinity of 46 celebrities, to commemorate the contributions Wu Jie, he praised the patriotic spirit, initiated the construction of Wu Gong Bei Ting Ji Gong. Pavilion 5.3 meters high, reinforced concrete structure, four-post Xieshan Ding, Fang engraved on the "Wu Gong Bei Ting Ji Gong" six characters, a positive column about the two inscribed "David prestige in Europe, Gong Feng Yin Tsz stay," built-in " Wu Gong Ji milestone reactive "side, Xiangtan inscription by the author Liang Yuan, Yu County Junior Chamber, Wu Jie account of the life and achievements.

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