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      Zhen hai kou Coastal defense History Memorial hall built at the beginning of the education community attaches great importance to the basic functions of the full use of their heavy accumulation of historical and cultural resources, coastal defense in order to carry out education in patriotism at the core of social education activities. Through the efforts of a few years, leading to the memorial for patriotism education bases were the Central Propaganda Department, the CYL Central Committee and other units called national demonstration bases for patriotism education, national youth education base for national defense education bases in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, women's patriotic Education base.      In recent years, the Memorial positive innovation, and strive to develop, integrate cross-cutting resources, to build cooperation and building a multi-platform joint collaboration of education. At present, with the East China Sea Fleet, East China Sea Fleet Military History, 92,899 naval forces, the Marine Police College, the public security, armed police squadron Zhenhai district, Ningbo University, Ningbo City Bureau of Justice, Zhejiang Vocational College of Commerce and Industry, secondary Zhenhai, Ningbo City People's Armed Police detachment fire Fire brigade Zhenhai, Ningbo City Fire Battalion of the special detachment of the second squadron, and other units more than the realization of the joint linkage, and east and the community in the region created the first community ideological and moral education of minors to build a base. Ningbo City in the big scope, there are 16 primary and secondary schools every year to visit the memorial site as a fixed out-of-school educational activities. Memorial Hall or the "Ningbo Evening News" and "modern gold" two news reporters in small units to join the club unit. Now officially listed to build 12 units involved in the education system, judicial system, communities and troops, police and other fields so that the memorial's education platform basically linked in various fields between the resources complement each other.

      Memorial Hall, in collaboration with multi-joint platform for educational support and actively search for social work education, innovation, has launched the "red scarf propaganda", "Oriental Junior dream business", "mobile museum" series of innovative features, such as educational services, so that the memorial hall More wealth to the charm, and further enhance the attractiveness of the community at all levels. With the Memorial Hall of social work education in a positive start, not only visited the annual average of 10,000 to the increase in the number of people, and an increasing number of different levels from individuals, groups active part in various educational activities, carried out a The education community has been formed to heat. Memorial Hall of social work education, especially in the minors and the ideological and moral education to cultivate the overall quality of work in exploration and practice has been the central, provincial, city and district levels and relevant departments under the leadership of recognition and appreciation, and attract The central, provincial, city and district levels, a number of news media attention. 

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