1.The main of this index compiled by part of history,historical Images,museology treatise and history reference book.Characterize by historical data of resistance against Japanese invader,Britain,France and Japan.
2.This index only compiled history data and written notes for it.It is provide cue search for querier, so that query and more convenient for the historical data .limited to copyright and other factors,no specific details of the historical data entry,but the notes in the solution of the introduction of a little historical film.If sb want to inquire about concrete content about history data,please visit our museum to consult.
3.If this index compiled the names has subheading,add().to differentiate Main Heading .
4.This index of the historical center by the first names to sort a few strokes of the word,the first words were the same number of strokes of the pen-shaped according to the first stroke type一丨丿、乙.And above all the same, they will be automatically deferred to the law to sort these historical names of the second word.If still the same and so on.
5.After historical index appendix 《Zhenhai resistance against Japanese invader,Britain,France and Japan》.
6.This index always committed to a range of historical materials, will strive to increase the historical center of this, you are sharing your thoughts with us, to provide clues to the history museum.

historical names
three strokes + More
four strokes + More
five strokes + More
six strokes + More
seven strokes + More
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