Expel the Japanese pirates over two hudred years

In Ming Dynasty, the japanese pirates'invasion in Zhejiang was the most serious. The Shuangyu Port in Guoju, LiPort in Zhoushan,Putuo and Cen Port in Zhenhai were occupied and became the bases of the pirates to disturb our Southeast Coast. The urban and rural areas of Zhenhai were robbed by Japanese pirates over 30 times, what's worse, the Ming Dynasty carried out  strict ban on maritime trade, so the First Wharf of Mingzhou Port was not prosperous any longer. To expel the japanese pirates, patriotic generals such as Yu Dayou, Lu Tang, and Qijiguang were entrusted with the mission to organize army and people to resist the invasions. Till 1561, the japanese pirate in Zhejiang were almost expelled out.

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The Japanese suffering Figure volume (local)
Pirates armor
Wolf bamboo brush for utensils
Qi JiGuang
Qi Jiguang saber
Qi Jiguang writings "training real discipline."
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