Bloody resistance against British in Zhenhai coast

During the first half of the 19th century, british carried a lot of opium into china to grab chinese market they have coveted for a long time, and brought heavy disaster to chinese people.But in the year of 1839,the famous movement of Lin Zexu destroying opium in humen gave a heavy blow to the british and other western colonists, which caused the Opium War provoked by Britain. In 1841, three cities in Eastern zhejiang, Ding hai, Zhenhai and Ningbo were occupied by the British army. In 1842, the royal court of Qing Dynasty assembled armed forces to counterattack,but was badly defeated.

Exhibition showroom:
Millstone frame four
Lin Humenxiaoyan
To OHCHR attack destroy matters Shangyudang forward Yuqian imperial envoys Chifu Zhenhai
Three Chief General Wang Xipeng, Ge Yunfei, Zheng Guohong
Chief General Xiezhao En wolf Town
Anti-British officers and soldiers used weapons
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