Impregnable spirit of nation wide resistance against Japanese aggression

Impregnable spirit of nation wide resistance against Japanese aggressionIn December 1883. the French army attacked chinese army and outrageously launched the Sino-France War. On March 1,1885,the French Far Eastern Fleet commanded by Gu Ba invaded Zhenhai.Confronting with such circumstances, Liu Bingzhang, provincial governor of Zhejiang. took charge of the genral arrangement; Xue Fucheng. general director of Barracks Administration Office of Ningbo costal defence, took the whole situation into account and plan accordingly; Ouyang Lijian, commander-in-chief of the navy, supervised military operations of jinji Mountain; Wu JIe, defence officer of Zhenhai forts,hit the French ship operating the cannon. During the war, while the army and the people were united as one, the navy and the ground force set up a join force to resist the French fleet . the Sino-France War in Zhenhai crushed the so-called invincible fleet of the western powers and became the first completely triumphant coastal defence war in modern times of china

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