Impregnable spirit of nation wide resistance against Japanese aggression

On september 18,1931, Japan invaded northeast China outrageously;afterwards, they instigated the lugouqiao Incident on july 7, 1937. Holding the banner of anti-Japanese national united front advocated by the CPC, Chinese army and people launched nationwide resistance resisted the japanese army attacked Zhenhai and was beaten back by our patriotic government troops. On April 19. 1941, the Japanese army attacked again during which Zhenhai was lost as numerous counties of Eastern Zhejiang were occupied one after another. Under the leadership of the CPC, soldiers and civilians of anti-Japanese base area in Eastern Zhgingejiang insisted on waging guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines until the final victory of this war.

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Japanese army invaded Zhenhai city
Japanese soldiers in front of the county government in Zhenhai arrogance arrogant ugly
The wartime political program in Zhejiang Province
Chen DeFa
He KeXi
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